You Have a Right to Choose Your Auto Collision Repair Shop

Following a car accident, your insurance company might try to steer you toward using a “preferred” body repair shop. However, many car owners aren’t aware that even if their insurance companies strongly recommend a shop, the choice is ultimately up to them. “Some insurance companies try to convince their clients to go to a preferred shop because it will cost them less, but you have the right to choose a shop that will work for you, not your insurance company,” says Tony Victoria, owner of Auto Service Auto Body in Rhode Island. “That’s why it’s important to choose a shop that offers the highest possible quality.”


Another myth about dealing with car insurance companies is that you need to get three separate quotes from three different body shops before your claim will be approved. Tony says this is another deception put forth by disreputable companies. “There’s no reason to get more than one quote, because you have the right to bring your car to the body shop of your choosing. Also, getting three different estimates isn’t even an accurate way to assess damage. For a shop to provide an accurate estimate in most cases, the vehicle will need the damaged area disassembled to reveal hidden damage. Obviously, this can’t be done three separate times at three separate locations.”