Aluminum Repair Certified

Certified Aluminum Repair Facility



Aluminum is on the rise in the auto industry. Its an excellent alternative to using steel as it is lighter but still provides strength and durability.


Mainstream auto manufactures have used aluminum in the construction of vehicles for a number of years. However, many of the panels on cars and trucks are made from steel. The new Ford F-150 will be made of nearly 95% aluminum and more car manufacturers are beginning to invest in aluminum auto body.



Many auto body shops are not prepared for aluminum body vehicles. According to Tony Victoria of Auto Service Auto Body, located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island “Not every shop in Rhode Island will be equipped to repair the new aluminum  Ford F-150”.

Less that 20 percent of body shops will be equipped to fix aluminum body structures. The practices and tools required for aluminum repair are similar to those techniques developed for the repair of more traditional metals (automotive steel). However, as the auto industry continues to incorporate more and more aluminum into vehicles, the need for qualified, capable auto body technicians who can handle aluminum repairs of all sorts continues to rise.


The aluminum certified technicians at Auto Service Auto Body are prepared to handle any aluminum auto body repair you may need. Before you waste time and money searching for a body shop, contact Auto Service Auto Body to get a quote.


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